A full array of DC sports teams featured on each of five days at the Auto Show

Washington Auto Show organizers tried a new schedule for sports celebrity visitors this year, and it was a big success! A different team was featured on each of five days, often with a star player signing autographs.


Jan. 29 was Washington Capitals Day at the Auto Show, when visitors could meet Capitals mascot Slapshot, Capitals cheerleaders and Capitals star player Tom Wilson. On Jan. 30, Washington Redskins Day, visitors could meet Redskins cheerleaders and star player Josh Norman. Fans waited in long lines to get his autograph!

Jan. 31 was Washington Wizards Day. Fans could meet the mascot, G. Wiz, and Wizards star player Otto Porter, who signed autographs. On Feb. 1, Washington Nationals Day, fans could meet and get an autograph from new Nationals manager Dave Martinez , who was also interviewed on Events DC monthly webseries Events DC Live!. Feb. 2 was DC United Day, and fans could meet DC United mascot Talon.

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