A contest to reward MD dealers for Chesapeake Bay license plate sales

A contest to reward MD dealers for Chesapeake Bay license plate sales

Maryland dealerships are participating in a new contest to see who can send the most customers off their lots with Maryland Chesapeake Bay license plates. All contest entrants will be promoted as –Dealers for the Bay,” and the prizes for winners will be marketed through an ad in relevant newspapers, a press release about the contest and the Chesapeake Bay Trustês 50,000 e-news and 12,000 social media contacts. The Chesapeake Bay Trust is a Kindred-line member of WANADA.

Dealerships that sell the highest number of bay plates, the highest percentage of vehicles with bay plates and the most improved in both categories during April, May and June 2017 will be named as winners. Any dealership has a great chance of winning in any of the categories: Public opinion polling shows that 32 percent of people in the Washington area are very likely to buy a buy plate if they are asked at the point of sale. The numbers increase when customers are told where the money goes and learn about the –plate perks” program, in which they receive discounts that ultimately pay for the purchase of the plate, preferred parking and other perks for having a bay plate.

Funds are distributed by the Chesapeake Bay Trust through on-the-ground grants to local organizations in every county in Maryland (and with partner dollars to DC and many localities in Virginia). Grants are awarded to teachers to get their kids outside on field trips, to faith-based organizations to install gardens, to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops to plant trees, and to volunteers to monitor and clean up streams to benefit both local communities and the Bay. For every 20 bay plates sold, 10 students can go on a field trip and 7 trees can be planted. For a full list of grants in each community, visit https://cbtrust.org/annual-report/.

To sign up for the contest, contact Kelly Swartout at kswartout@cbtrust.org or (410) 974-2941 x 107. The Trust will send contest materials (posters, tabletop signage, brochures) for customers, and it can tell dealers their baseline bay plate sales for last year.

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