2014 replicates best attended Auto Show in Washingtons history from year earlier Chairman Reilly: The 2014 WAS proved what a tier-one (auto) show can do

2014 replicates best attended Auto Show in Washingtons history from year earlier

Chairman Reilly: The 2014 WAS proved what a tier-one (auto) show can do

The exhibits that the automakers brought this year outpaced any Washington has ever gotten before in terms of display stature and state-of-the-art vehicles, said Kevin Reilly, WAS chairman. Its no coincidence that the 2014 Auto Show here did what it did to enthrall and attract show visitors, he said, pointing out that Washington gained OICA Certification last Spring, which is concerted OEM recognition of tier-one auto shows, resulting in Washingtons being ranked among the top five in the U.S. and among the foremost in the world. The Paris-based Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs dAutomobiles, or OICA, is the global automaker group that evaluates top auto shows worldwide.

As is typically the case year over year, public attendance on the two Auto Show weekends– that remain winter storm free – will outpace all the week days combined. Washingtons 2014 attendance was no exception in this regard, with four weekend days eclipsing seven weekdays by a factor of nearly two to one. Not surprisingly, the second Saturday of the Auto Show produced the highest single day attendance, proving as true in 2014 as 2013; the two Sundays were comparable in producing attendance, factoring in the Super Bowl for the second year running, falling on the second Sunday this year, as opposed to the first Sunday last year.

Paid attendance this year was within three percentage points of last year; complimentary tickets were fewer this year compared to last, resulting in 4.7 percent less total attendance. The 2014 WAS ran from Jan. 23 – Feb, 2, in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

The 2014 WAS proved what a tier-one Public Policy Show can do for the City, said Show Chairman Kevin Reilly. We drew the top vehicles and world stage influencers – including the vice president – to educate and inform consumers and federal policymakers alike.

Its out of character for auto show organizers to be satisfied with anything less than improved attendance, year over year. But when you deliver what amounts to an absolute replication of the most stellar attendance performance ever in your city, whats not to celebrate? The 2014

Washington Auto Show was within 5% of utterly duplicating 2013s best attended Auto Show in Washingtons history, which in statistical slang is a push of last years attendance.

Turning out unprecedented attendance two years running are results for this Auto Show that well take all day long and be delighted with, said Gerard Murphy, president of WANADA, which produces The Washington Auto Show. A myriad of factors go into strong market response to an annual auto show, the most significant, according to Murphy, being the standing the show acquires from OEM exhibitors. Washington has been successful building its brand as the Public Policy Show in large part because of its one of a kind venue with Congress, the administration and federal regulators, all in the same town, he said. The OEMs value this and when they come to appreciate the deliverables theyre seeing, that is when the show starts getting A-kit exhibits, industry announcements, concept cars and new model introductions, which in turn light up the media and ultimately the level of show attendance, he said.

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